Learning and teaching with enthusiasm and quality

The Helsinki Summer University welcomes you to learn with us. Our courses are open to everyone regardless of age, previous education, or study rights at any educational institution. Every year we offer over 700 courses for approximately 8,000 students with course participation reaching to approximately 13,000.

Our course program includes open university and open university of applied sciences courses as well as a wide range of language courses, continuing education studies, courses for students preparing for the Finnish matriculation examinations, art courses, computer courses and open public events. The course selection varies annually. The Summer University aims to embrace courses that have received positive feedback and are effective, besides taking on new challenges.

Finland has 20 summer universities, which provide education in 130 cities. The summer universities are regional educational institutions focused on providing open university studies. Despite the name, the summer universities operate year-round.

The Helsinki Summer University, founded in 1966 and maintained by the Helsinki Summer University Foundation, is a high-quality institute arranging university-level, non-formal adult education. The municipalities in the Helsinki metropolitan area are the founders and members of the Helsinki Summer University Foundation, and also the University of Helsinki has its representatives on the Helsinki Summer University Board. The Helsinki Summer University is an excellent example of well-functioning local cooperation, benefitting the people living in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Internationality is embraced at the Summer University, as we have students and teachers from all over the world. Extensive selections of excellent Finnish language courses have been in the programme since 1966. You can also choose from more than 20 other languages with courses ranging from beginners’ classes to university-level studies.

We are very proud of the predominantly excellent feedback we have received over the years. We would like to thank all our teachers and partners and together welcome you to study at the Helsinki Summer University.

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