Studying at the Helsinki Summer University

  • Courses are open to everyone regardless of age, previous education or current study rights. Everyone who has enrolled and paid the course fee has the right to study at the Summer University.
  • The Helsinki Summer University program includes open university and open university of applied sciences courses as well as a wide range of language courses, continuing education studies, courses for students preparing for the Finnish matriculation examinations, art, computer classes and open public events.
  • Please note that the language of instruction is primarily Finnish, unless otherwise stated in the course description. If you have any questions, please contact the office before enrolment.

Active learning

  • The Helsinki Summer University courses are intensive and enable active learning. Most courses require a substantial amount of independent studying.
  • The total number of lessons (45 minutes each) including a final test (if applicable) is mentioned in the course description.
  • On average one credit is equal to an estimated workload of 27 hours, which is needed to achieve the courses learning goals.

The Helsinki Summer University students are not insured by the Summer University therefore they must cover their own insurance costs.

The Helsinki Summer University office will inform you about any changes concerning your course, usually by email. Please make sure that the Helsinki Summer University office has your updated contact information!