The language of instruction on most of the courses is Finnish. The courses that do not require language skills in Finnish are listed below.

Open public events:

  • History of Finland: Finland from Prehistory to Present
  • Poesía y música para el alma
  • Simenon (1903–1989) – Sa vie, son oeuvre et son monde

Open University studies:

  • Dance and body care
    Butoh Aesthetics Workshop (beginner course), 2 ECTS
    Butoh Aesthetics Workshop (advanced course), 2 ECTS
    Contemporary dance (open level), 1 ECTS
    Argentinian Tango 1: Basics, 1 ECTS
  • History, Religion and Philosophy
    History of Finland, 5 CR
    The Ottoman Empire and the Emergence of the Modern Middle East, 5 ECTS
  • Theatre and Drama
    The body that speaks, 2 ECTS

Language courses:

  • English
    Beginners’ English in English
    Continuation Course in English
    Contemporary Folk Traditions
    Travelling through the Pages – Places and Writers in Britain
    English oral skills
    Stress-free writing
    Grammar in Context
    Professional English
    Language, culture and communication (A survival guide)
    Legal English 1
    Legal English 2
    International English Language Testing System (IELTS) courses
    Cambridge Certificate courses
    TOEFL course
  • French
    Conversation et débats
    Perfectionnez votre francais
    Préromantisme et romantisme français: poésie et peinture
    La France et les régions
  • Italian
    Agire – reagire – interagire: Vuorovaikutusta italiaksi
  • Japanese
    Online courses 1, 2, 5 and learning on your own proficiency level
  • Spanish
    Cuentos latinoamericanos y españoles
    De la A a la Z: aprendemos a pronunciar
    ¡Disfrútalo! Cuba y su música
    Café de los libros: Retazos de novela
    Café de los Juegos
    Café de las Canciones
    Leemos, hablamos y escribimos en español
  •  Swedish
    Diskutera mera
    Uppdatera din svenska
    Swedish for beginners 1
    Swedish for beginners 2
    Continuation course in Swedish

Art studies:

  • Argentinian Tango 2: Improvers
  • Singing for Larks – Laulun ilosta, introductory course
  • Singing for Larks – Laulun ilosta, continuation course

Finnish for foreigners:

  • Getting started, Intensive Finnish basic courses 1 – 6 and advanced courses 7 – 8, Finnish oral skills courses and other intensive Finnish courses require previous studies in Finnish language. Read the course descriptions for more information about the recommended starting levels.

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